Processor Albany

-2 RCA inputs and 2 connected RCA outputs
-6 independent outputs
-Routing channels
-Input Equalizer with 28 bands between octaves
-Parametric Equalizer with 3 independent bands per channel
-Crossover with filters: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel, with attenuations of 6dB/8a.
-Independent delay per channel
-Automatic or manual limiter function with threshold, attack and decay.
-Polarity inversion
-Adjustable input gain
-Independent mute per channel
-Pink noise generator

User-controlled password

-Preconfigured out of the box
-Independent output gain per channel
-Remote output with 300mA max.
-Operating voltage 9V ~ 16V DC

Technical specifications for Albany-2:

Type: Unbalanced
Connection: RCA
Maximum input level: 4Vpp (1,4Vrms)
Input impedance: 47k

Outputs (1,2,3,4,5,6)
Type: Unbalanced
Connection: RCA
Maximum input level: 10Vpp (3.5 Vrms)
Input Impedance: 470

Technical Information
Resolution: 24 bits
Sample rate: 48 Khz
Latency frequency: 1.08ms
Frequency range: 15Hz ~ 22KHz (-1db)
Max. THD+N: 0.01%.
Signal to noise ratio: 100dB

Power supply
Voltage: 10 ~ 15V DC
Consumption: 300mA (5w)
Fuse: 2A

Package dimensions (LxWxH): (10×5.5×1.5)

Item dimensions (LxWxH): (10 “x5 “x1.25”)