MXS 800X4

Marts Digital 4 Ch Full Range Class D Compact 800W 2 ohm MXS-800×4-2 Amplifier This listing includes: (1) Marts Digital 4 Channel Class D Amp MXS-800×4-2. Experience a new level of sound with the Marts Digital MXS-800×4-2, a compact 800W Class D amplifier designed for high-performance audio projects. Marts Digital, known for its high-quality audio products, invites you on a journey into the realm of unprecedented listening experiences. This amplifier offers versatility with RMS Power ranging from 105W to 205W at different voltages, ensuring powerful and accurate audio for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Advanced features include LP and HP pass-through crossovers, allowing for customized sound experiences. Secure your seat for a listening adventure with Marts Digital’s top-tier amplifiers.