Processor Chatturat

2 RCA Inputs

8 Independent Outputs

Routing Channels

Input Equalizer with 15 bands between 1/3 octave

Parametric equalizer with 3 independent bands per channel

Crossover with filters: Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel, with attenuations from 6dB/8a to 48dB/8a

Independent delay per channel

Automatic or manual Limiter function with Threshold, Attack, and Decay

Polarity Inversion

Input gain adjustable

Independent Mute per channel

Pink-Noise Generator

Independent Output gain per channel

Technical Specifications for CHATTURAT-8.2:


Kind: Unbalanced

Connection: RCA

Input Max Level: 4Vpp (1.4Vrms)

Input impedance: 47k


Kind: Unbalanced

Connection: RCA

Input Max Level: 10Vpp (3.5 Vrms)

Input impedance: 470

Resolution: 24 Bits

Sample Frequency: 48 Khz

Latency Frequency: 1.08ms

Range Frequency: 15Hz ~ 22KHz (-1db)

THD+N max: 0,01%

Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB

Power Supply

Voltage: 10 ~15V DC

Consumption: 300mA (5w)

Fuse: 2A

Item Dimensions

(LxWxH): (10″x5″x1.25″)