iDatalink’s HRN-HRR-TO3 wiring adapter works in conjunction with iDatalink’s Maestro ADS-MRR or ADS-MRR2 module (sold separately), allowing you to connect a new iDatalink-ready car stereo in select Toyota-made vehicles. Once connected, you’ll retain the use of your steering wheel audio controls and your factory amp in these vehicles. You’ll also be able to keep your Toyota’s vehicle settings personalization menu, backup camera, and rear seat entertainment system.

The package includes connectors that plug in between the Maestro module and your factory radio’s wiring plugs. You’ll have to solder or splice together this harness’s power/ground, illumination, speaker, and navigation output wires to the corresponding wires on your aftermarket receiver’s wiring harness. You’ll appreciate the additional features added by the adapter, including the ability to view performance gauges and vehicle information on the new radio’s screen.

Plug directly into your new stereo

This harness also features an in-line head-unit connector harness, which will plug into their new “Head-unit direct” harnesses for select radio brands, which eliminates the need to splice any wires. If you’re installing a radio that doesn’t work with a “Head-unit direct” harness, you simply cut off the plug and connect the wires to the harness included with your new radio.

Installation note: The HRN-HRR-TO3 harness must be used with the iDatalink Maestro ADS-MRR or ADS-MRR2 module to connect a new car stereo to your Toyota-made vehicle.