DS 440X4

DS Line Amplifier,

Class D,

440 Watts RMS


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Operation class Class D
Number of Channels 04
Maximum power @ 12,6 VDC – 2 OHMS: 440W RMS (4 x 110W RMS)
@ 12,6 VDC – 4 OHMS: 276W RMS (4 x 69W RMS)
2 Bridged Channels: @12.6 VDC – 4 OHMS: 440W RMS (2 x 220W RMS)
Input Sensitivity 250mV
Signal to Noise Ratio >89dB
Frequency Response 8Hz to 26KHz(-3dB)
Crossover high pass (HPF) 90Hz (-12dB/8th) Fixed
Crossover low pass (LPF) 90Hz (-12dB/8th) Fixed
Input Impedance 18K OHMS
Output Impedance 2 OHMS
Protection system Output Short Circuit
Min. Supply Voltage 8VDC
Maximum Power Supply Voltage 16VDC
Consumption at rest 0.8A
Maximum music consumption @12.6 VDC: 23.5A
Maximum consumption in sinusoidal signal 47A
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 6.30″ x 1.73″ x 5.71″
Weight 1.32lb