BASS 8000

Bass Line Amplifier,

Class D,

8000 Watts RMS

Brand: Taramps

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Operation class Class D
Number of Channels 01
Maximum power @ 14,4 VDC – 1 OHM: 8000W RMS
@ 14,4 VDC – 2 OHMS: 5120W RMS
Input Sensitivity 220mV
Signal to Noise Ratio >95dB
Frequency Response 8Hz ~ 250Hz (-3dB)
Crossover high pass (HPF) 8Hz ~ 30Hz (-12dB/8ª) Variable
Crossover low pass (LPF) 60Hz ~ 250Hz (-12dB/8ª) Variable
Bass Boost 35Hz ~ 60Hz (0 ~10dB)
Efficiency 87%
Input Impedance 22K Ohms
Output Impedance 1 Ohm
Protection system Short-Circuit to Output, Short on output compared to GND, Low impedance at output, High/Low supply voltage and Thermal protection
Min. Supply Voltage 9VDC
Maximum Power Supply Voltage 17VDC
Consumption at rest 1.80A
Maximum music consumption 319A
Maximum consumption in sinusoidal signal 638A
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 9.41″ x 2.87″ x 16.50″
Weight 14.60lb