A-SS-SB12 New

Dimensions: 22.25” (W) x 5.25” (H) x 13.125” (D)
Power Handling: 300W RMS
Frequency Response: 30Hz-200Hz
X-Max: 11mm 1-Way Linear
Nominal Impedance: 2Ω
Copper Voice Coil: 2” (50.0mm)
Single Voice Coil: 2 Ohm load




Measures at a minimum of 4.5 inches deep to deliver clean, reliable bass performance in most vehicle applications.
Features a 2-inch voice coil inside a lightweight yet powerful neodymium magnet for power handling of up to 300 W RMS
Front-mounted magnetic motor allows the housing to have an extremely shallow footprint
Four adjustable, foam-padded steel mounting brackets allow flexible installation in many areas and vehicle types
Compact and efficient double-hollow voice coil structure allows for better control over the motor