• Dos Tweeter de  1” (2.5cm)
  • Estructura motor de Neodimio de alto grado
  • Diseño de Tweeter de Cúpula de Seda
  • Logo de Alpine Extraible
  • Incluye Carcasa Giratoria de 15º
  • Incluye soporte ajustable en altura para instaalciones OEM
  • Compatible con la Serie-S de Alpine


Potencia Admitida

  • Máxima Potencia de Pico: 240W
  • Máxima Potencia RMS: 80W


  • Profundidad de Instalación: 17.6mm
  • Diámetro de Instalación: 51mm


  • Divisor Pasivo 12dB/Octave Filtro Pasa Altos
  • Respuesta de Frecuencia: 1kHz-22kHz
  • Sensibilidad: 88dB (1W / 1m)
  • Impedancia: 6 Ohmios




The compact size and wide frequency range of the S-S10TW tweeter is an efficient and affordable option for any aftermarket or stock installation upgrade.

The tweeter measures only 1″ with a depth of only 17`6 mm for easy installation in any vehicle. They can be surface mounted or installed in the stock hole with the brackets also included in the kit, these brackets allow installation on the top, bottom or behind the stock grille.

The Alpine logo can be removed for a less conspicuous installation. The tweeter comes inside an adjustable swivel housing to direct the sound according to the listener’s preferences and vehicle characteristics. For perfect system matching, pair the S-S10TW with Alpine’s S-Series family models.