Operation mode: ‎ON-OFF
Current rating: ‎5 Amps
Voltage: ‎5 Volts
Type of contact: ‎Normally closed
Connector type: ‎USB
Actuator type: ‎Swivel
Controller type: ‎Battery powered
Control method: ‎Remote control
Connectivity protocol: ‎Bluetooth
Unit count: ‎1.0 Count
Number of items: ‎1
Package dimensions: ‎7 x 3.7 x 1.5 inches




The RUX-H02 allows you to make quick and easy volume adjustments while driving. The knob conveniently attaches to your Alpine Halo head unit, or mounts flush to your dash, so volume can be adjusted while keeping your eyes on the road. Use the RUX-H02 to adjust the bass to complement the genre of your music by turning it down or up depending on the desired level. Set your Alpine amplifier to the desired maximum level and use the rotary knob to make bass adjustments on the fly. The RUX-H02 includes a stand that connects directly to the Alpine Halo9 and Alpine Halo11 displays for quick master subwoofer and volume control. The RUX-H02 can also be mounted on a dashboard and work with iLX-507, i509-WRA-JK and i509-WRA-JL. The RUX-H02 follows the same design identity as the Alpine Halo display line, with tapered edges and a clean, silver finish to create a matching system aesthetic. Remote bass and volume knob for Halo display > Subwoofer and master volume control > Bluetooth wireless connection > Includes colored Halo head unit mount > Directly fits iLX-F509 and iLX-F511 > Works with iLX-507 , i509-WRA-JK and i509-WRA-JL (dash mounted)>