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Long Distance Control

CONNECT CONTROL is a long distance remote control which can be adapted to most CD and DVD players available in the market. It is a high technology product which operates at radio frequency (RF), emulating the basic functions of the  original infrared control of your equipment. CONNECT CONTROL was developed to offer effiency and high perfomance at controlling an equipment from a 300m distance in aimed range (open area). It is an economic,  interference-free control which unables clonning of its codes.

Another important feature of CONNECT CONTROL is the new base station of easy configuration, developed for players with frontal USB connection, powered by this very USB connection, without further configuration, which allows normal functioning. When connecting your USB (flash/pen) drive and pressing any control buttons, the base will receive the commands and send it to your player pannel as the original control. In case of connection in the back of player only, you should  connect it to a USB extension and place its connector next to the pannel.


Technical specifications:

Receiving Base: 5VDC (USB – A)
Transmisor (Control): 1.8 to 3.6V (Battery CR2032)

Receiving Base: 30mA max.
Transmitter (Control): 7mA max. (Battery CR2032)
Maximum Range: 60m (Target)
Modulation: FSK
Frequency: 433.5 MHz
Power: +10 dBm

Receiving base (WxHxD): 35mmx14mmx44mm
Transmitter (Control) (WxHxD): 39mmx23mmx86mm

Receiving Base: 0.1 kg
Transmitter (Control): 0.1 kg